KC Lemson

By KC Lemson [MS]

June, 2006

  • I wish we were this cool

    Vista is doing some really sweet stuff, visually... there's http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista which is just stunning, and now this ad on the front of microsoft.com which just kicks ass: How cool is that? The answer: very. I wrote an article...
  • See you at Tech-Ed!

    It is 3:50 AM and I awake, bright and perky and minutes away from leaving for the airport to go to Boston. I'll be hanging out at the Exchange cabana most of Monday and Tuesday, see you there!
  • Really, now...

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firehose has a "last updated" of just a couple of weeks ago, June 3rd. I mean really, is there that much that can be said about the firehose, that wasn't already said prior to June 3rd?
  • More evidence that e12 rocks

    Last week at Tech-Ed, I did demo duty for a series of meetings with various reviewers, showing off all the cool features that you'll be able to see in Exchange 2007 Beta 2. One of these meetings was with Paul Thurrott , during which we ran way over schedule...