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By KC Lemson [MS]


Near..... far! Hard..... easy!

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Hard: Cairo Station on Legendary. Someone please come over to my house and get past that dang shuttle bay for us, we have spent 5 hours replaying that level too many times!

Easy: Come on, Canon, can't you at least spell check your resources?? Not one, but two... and ESL is no excuse for either.
  • lol, the mistakes aren't very clear though. But a mistake is still a mistake, I don't expect big companies to not check what they type before they distribute their software.

  • I hafe reat ahl ofer the screnshoot and foundth no erorrs.

  • Cairo on Legendary is officially impossible to get through single player. I called it after spending WEEKS trying to get through it.

  • Hey KC,

    The MS folk need to spell check their own blogs:



  • One of the things that I hate about the software that I installed for my Canon EOS 10D is that oftentimes it does not recognize the photos on my camera. For who knows what reason I have to click on another folder on my hard drive and sometimes go back 3 or 4 times to finally get the photos to show up on my connected EOS 10D. Also sometimes the photos on the EOS 10D show zero file sizes and can't be copied unless I disconnect and reconnect. Anyone know what's up with this?

  • <i>Cairo Station on Legendary.</i>

    For those of us without clue, can we at least get a game name to go with this? :-)

    (I'm assuming it's a game!)

  • Paul: Halo 2 :-)