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Those wacky blogging release managers

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Iain's blogging. Rock. His last few posts are quoting one of my all-time favorite software development documents, the "Out of Control" memo. I have those words printed up and hung outside my door, taking up a long chunk of the hallway, as a constant reminder.

Plus there's the dev div's release team.

And Charlie, the release manager for the excellent Small Business Server.

P.S. Stu Fox, thanks for the feedback!

  • What is the "Out of Control" memo? Is there a copy accessible to the public?


  • See Iain's blog, he's been posting pieces of it recently.

  • Iain's blog is good!

    I've enjoyed reading his posts, same goes for yours KC!

  • Yeah, and Iain's a hoot to boot =)

    Thanks William!

  • KC - I've tried to find the whole memo - no luck. Do you have a copy of it you can post?