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"Be a beacon"

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Around two years ago, I put Sneakers into my netflix queue.

Now I am happy to say that they finally have a release date for the DVD: December 2004!

  • Hmm, that's weird - I've owned that DVD for about 2 years now...

  • they have had it for a while and they have better selections..

  • url didn't work.. check out www.greencine.com

  • That is odd, I wonder why netflix says that then? They even have a specific date for release, Dec 28... maybe it's a special version?

  • Classic movie, either way

  • It's gotta be some sort of special version. I just wanted that movie this weekend - and yes, I chuckled at the "be a beacon" line...

  • "Sneakers" is a true classic, one of the few movies I enjoy to watch time and time again.

  • Funny, it's been on my netflix queue for about a year as well.