KC Lemson

By KC Lemson [MS]


The newest addictive game from pop cap games

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  • Um, it wants to install an ActiveX. Mom told me not to do such bad bad things :-)

  • Yeah, I agree.. this is what Flash is for. ActiveX.. blech.

  • Uhhh... how many months has this been out?

  • Gotta love this positive vibe!

  • Sorry for starting this :-D We germans tend to see everything negative ;-)

  • Thanks for leading me down a path of 30 minutes of fish tending... I am seeking therapy due to my guilt of my fish dying to fast on the higher levels. This is a wonderful find!

  • PROBLEM! Hey KC, cool Tip, but right clicking the flags on the new toolbar just don't work! If I right click anywhere on the new toolbar, the "normal" toolbar popup-menu (to choose which toolbars are shown etc.) appears.

    I've got OL2003, SP1.

    Hope anyone can help!!