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Use your Tablet to make your handwriting into a font

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I decided tonight that I wanted to make a font out of my own handwriting. Surely it's possible to do this online with my tablet and get instant gratification, I thought. One quick google search later and 9 dollars later, I had my answer: Yes, via www.fontifier.com.

1. I imported their template GIF into OneNote and resized it to be about as wide as I needed it for my normal handwriting
2. I inked over the graphic in onenote
3. I selected all of the contents on the page in OneNote and copied it to the clipboard
4. I pasted that into Photoshop, resized it to 100dpi and saved as a PNG which I uploaded to their site
5. I paid via paypal, and they gave me a TTF which I downloaded

I am totally geeked. Now, the trick is to get my font installed onto everyone's computers so that I can use it in email. Just kiddin'... I really wanted this to help with my scrapbooking and well, because it's just so neat. It's like it's 1999.

[Update 7/6: I was pointed at another way to do this for free: MyOwnFont. I tried this out, and it works wonderfully! Now I just need to find out if I can donate to the author, it's a fantastic application.]