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Pop or Soda?

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I normally avoid these quizzes, but this one was actually interesting because it tells you the regions that use certain phrases/pronunciation, and I've long found linguistics interesting:


(I grew up mostly in the Chicago suburbs: 41% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.)

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  • Be sure you don't change any of your answers until *after* you compute your score. If you mess up, you need to clear and start over. It does make a difference in the score.

    I ended up:

    86% (Dixie). Did you have any Confederate ancestors?

    Most people say I don't have much, if any, Southern accent, but my word choices give me away.

  • Funny thing I grew up just south of Chicago and also got 41%. I guess Chicago is not really North and not really South.

  • 49% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.

    Hmm, I grew up (age 7 - 19) in New Jersey. Maybe the Mason-Dixon line is a bit further north than I had previously supposed.

  • 54% Dixie. Grew up in Kansas.

  • 30% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee.

    I'm originally from Wisconsin. I never knew that anyone outside of home used the term bubbler.

  • Oops, I hadn't noticed the instructions about not changing... but I redid it with the same answers, and got 40%.

    I gotta say, pretty dumb code that can't handle changing answers pre-scoring =)

    It was a fun walk through my past, to remember poking at "potato bugs" as a kid, going "garage saling", frosting cakes, etc =)

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  • 66% Yankee and ive only been to the US 6 times ;)

  • 73% (Dixie). I'm from New Zealand. Go figure :)

  • Fun stuff KC! I took a degree in Linguistics (many moons ago) so I had someidea of the patterns they're testing for. Even so, when I answered honestly this was my score: "61% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!"

    What's interesting is that I spent my formative years in Delaware (straddling the Mason-Dixon line) and have lived in New Mexico for the last 24 years. Yet, according to the test I am a definitive Southerner.

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  • KC recently posted about the Dixie or Yankee quiz that tries to pinpoint your dialect origin based on your idiom of choice for carbonated sugar water and other words. If you liked the Dixie or Yankee quiz, youll love this huge database of mapped dialect survey results for more than 100 questions. Finally, bloggers can settle the soda vs. pop debate! From the Viral Marketing Blog...