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The Exchange team blog launched today

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I'm excited to announce that we finally got this off the ground, and a lot of great people are going to be participating in it:


  • Awesome!

  • How exciting! This is great! Glad I ran across this blog. I look forward to hearing what you Exchange guru's have to blog about!

    Best regards, William

    William F. Gardner
    Assistant Director of Information Technology
    Noble & Associates
    A Noble World Company

  • D*** stupid name ...

    Why not simply call it the "MS Exchange Team Blog" as it is thousands of people will be doing just what I did and renaming it to something sensible.

    (And yes I know there already is a "MS Exchange Blog", your's is just under it in my list.)

  • Really nice !!!

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and love it!. This one (http://blogs.msdn.com/exchange/) is a must also.


    Benjamin Mateos

  • I think the name is cool :D

  • Today is the third anniversary of my first blog post. A whole lot has happened (and been blogged) in...