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ASP.Net samples of WebDAV against Exchange 2003

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In a previous entry, I received a comment about how there were no examples of using WebDAV in the Exchange SDK with ASP.Net... I forwarded it to our SDK team (who can be reached at exsdkfb AT microsoft DOT com) and they pointed out several examples for me:

If you would like to request any more managed code samples in the SDK, drop them a line at the email address above, or add a comment to this entry and I will forward it on.
  • I don't actually know the correct way to do this (whether it's WebDAV etc...), but I'd love to find out. What I'd like to do is find some way to add a Task &/ Appointment against a specific / group of users.

  • Umm...as usual I should've read the samples page first...but it'd be handy to have this is completely managed C# code :-)

  • there is no convenien API in .NET to use against Exchange/Outlook
    I always thought MS could better capitalize on this for rich client debelopment

  • I've found a web service on the exchange 2k sdk cd set, this allows you to do anything OWA can do. It would be great if this was re-released for exchange 2k3. I've found it to function correctly under exchange 2k3, but it would be nice to have it included on the sdk.

    The last thing i would love to see, is a sample on how to include the OWA application within a custom .net portal application (like DotNetNuke) Currently I'm using a custom OWA IFRAME module that formats the url like "https://##user##:##password##@mail.domain.com/exchange/##user##/"

    My main issue with this is alot of browsers don't display IFrames, and working for a college alot of our users are on mac's, and mainly safari currently doesn't work with this method.

  • Well is there is method to ge the appointments from the calender folder ... if so can you provide me with the code for the web application vb.net or C#


  • The Exchange SDK (downloadable from http://msdn.microsoft.com/exchange) has many samples dealing with appointments and calendaring, some of which are in managed code. In the table of contents, check under \Tasks\Messaging and Collaboration\Calendaring. There is also the Calendaring sample application in VB6 that is installed with the SDK.

  • thanks

    you saved my live.

  • Any pointers for creating/editing rules through
    ASP.NET over WebDAV? OWA 2003 manages to do it
    in the premium client (using xmlns:a="WM") but
    I cannot find any documentation on how to develop this. I need to provide the capability
    for rules to basic clients (isMSIE5Rich=False)
    as we have thousands of distance learners who
    only visit us throught OWA and we want them to
    be able to self-service create a forward rule.
    A simple set/clear forward option in the options page of the OWA basic client would be ideal.

  • Hi!

    Anyone here or at MS that have any examples of how to use WebDAV and Exchange to send meeting requests to several participants.

    I have managed to create the actual meeting request but how to get it to be sent out to the requested participants?

    Any pointers ideas or best of all example code would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards // Anders Nilsson

    Please respond to jan_anders_nilsson@hotmail.com

    Best Regards Anders Nilsson

  • Click on the above URL - this KB article has code sample to send meeting request. Hope it helps.

  • HI .

    I was woundering if using Webdev i can create new appointment.

    Webdev allow remort access to perform remort operation on Exchange server and do following actions...

    i wish to write a webservice which would communicate to Exchanged server and perfrom ceate , delete etc opertaion using webdev.
    as both "my webservice" and exchange server will be located in different Machines.

    any comments. how is it possible

    i know creating appointment using other methods then "webdev" is possible . but it seem only webdev allows remort operations.

    Urgent please.

  • http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308373 might help, but if not I don't have any other resources to point you at.