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How to add links with spaces in them to email

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If you've ever needed to reference a file or location with spaces in the URI, such as:

\\fileserver\share\my doc.doc

http://www.domain.com/virtualdirectory/neat stuff.htm

You may have been annoyed by the complete URI not getting auto-linked due to the spaces in it. One way to fix it is to select the entire text, copy it, go to Insert | Hyperlink and paste it in there. But another quicker way to accomplish this is to wrap the URI in < and="">, such as:

<\\fileserver\share\my doc.doc="">

and Outlook will automatically remove the <>'s and make the entire URI a hyperlink:

\\fileserver\share\my doc.doc

(I'm using Outlook to post this entry, and it auto-corrected the link with <>'s above for me; pressing Ctrl+Z reverted it to the way I typed it. This is useful in Excel too, when it auto-hyperlinks a URI you type in a cell)

  • Great tip.. do you think other email software like Pegasus etc will do the same thing?


  • Sorry I don't know - I'm guessing you found that entry from the main weblogs.asp.net page. If you open my blog (http://weblogs.asp.net), you'll see that I specifically talk about Microsoft Exchange & Outlook :-). There's a link on the left to my old blog if you're interested.

  • thanks a lot for the grea tip. You have no idea how much annoyed I have been with Outlook for not making those links correctly. Now I know how to make it work ! :-)

  • BEST... TIP... EVER. Seriously, this is one of those things that has ALWAYS been a pain for me in Outlook. Blessing to your and all your offspring (from whatever deity(s) you happen to believe / not believe in) for this tip!

  • What are the rest of "those things" that frustrate you about Outlook?

  • I've been doing it with quotes for a while, didnt ever think that other characters would work as well. :)

  • Cool


  • I LOVE this little feature. I've been using it for a while. Keep 'em coming!

    BTW, I also love that you're asking the question above "what are the rest of those things that frustrate you about Outlook?" I can't wait to be part of the conversation...