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Innovation in work/life balance

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Fast Company has another great article today, about an innovative program in Des Moines. Local businesses donated space and some supplies, and the school board agreed to set up a school on the location. The school is connected via walkways to the local office buildings, and programs are scheduled around lunchtime for parents and kids.

Wow. Talk about your killer app. I thought I had it pretty good - work and home are within walking distance, and my son's daycare is a 5 minute drive away. But I'm feeling distinct pangs of envy for the parents whose children are within walking distance during the day, that's fantastic.

Way to go Des Moines! (now how often do you get to say something like that, eh?)

It makes me wonder how we'll look at work/life balance and childcare in 20 years. How will technology affect it? I already know of one daycare center with fingerprint identification for front-door security and webcams so that parents can check up on their children during the day - where will we go from there?

  • For years, Fischer-Price has had on site day care for employee's kids. For the company, it's a bonus...it's also their test lab. They give new toys to the kids to see how they use them. Somethings have surprised the designers. Many toys have also flopped.

  • That is so spiffy, thanks for letting me know. I wonder if they publish the 'flop' toys anywhere, that would be interesting to see...