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Outlook Web Access URL parameters

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On a previous entry, I described the URL parameter for accessing the dumpster via OWA. There are actually many many more URL parameters you can use directly or embed in other web pages. For example, all of the following can be retrieved with a URL:
  • The list of items (messages, contacts, appointments) and the view associated with them
  • The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen (ok, right hand side if you're using a hebrew or arabic Accept-Language)
  • The "compose" form, used to create a new item
  • A certain day on your calendar
  • The preview/reading pane
  • Various dialogs and pages such as the Options page
Today's tip is a quick highlight of some of the URL parameters you can use for displaying a view of items in a folder.
For example, if you want to point at a public folder, you can embed it into a separate web page with an IFRAME:
<iframe width=800 height=400 src="http://myserver/public/mypublicfolder/?cmd=contents">
This displays the list of items and the view (which includes the reading pane) for that public folder. If you want to specify the view that should be used, just append the name of the view as another URL parameter:
<iframe width=800 height=400 src="http://myserver/public/mypublicfolder/?cmd=contents&view=Two%20Line%20View">
The list of possible view names can be seen in the OWA UI; in OWA 2000 it's in a drop-down list on the toolbar, in OWA 2003 it's in a drop-down list next to the name of the folder (in the same pane as the list of items).
You can also specify the view for another folder type, such as a calendar folder. The following URL will display this week's calendar (which could be really useful to embed onto a home page for your browser, to get a quick glance at your calendar without requiring you to go to OWA):
<iframe width=800 height=400 src="http://myserver/exchange/username/calendar/?cmd=contents&view=weekly">
To go to a specific day in your calendar (or any calendar folder), using my son's birthday as an example:
<iframe width=800 height=400 src="http://myserver/exchange/username/calendar/?cmd=contents&d=8&m=6&y=2003">
Note: Accessing any of these OWA URLs will require you to authenticate. If you're using IE and accessing a back-end server directly (and forms-based authentication from OWA 2003 is not enabled on that server) and Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled, you won't be prompted for credentials. If you're using another browser that doesn't support NTLM/Kerberos or you're using a URL to a front-end server, you will be prompted to log on and will have to enter your credentials.
  • "The list of possible view names can be seen in the OWA UI; in OWA 2000 it's in a drop-down list on the toolbar, in OWA 2003 it's in a drop-down list next to the name of the folder (in the same pane as the list of items). " In OWA 2003, Where is this? I was looking for a way to create a SENDTO shortcut to allow OWA to act like "mail recipient"

  • The part you quoted has nothing to do with sending mail, it is about how the list of items is displayed in the folder. For your question, it would require some programming. There's a third party product that does this: http://www.messageware.com/products/owamail2003.html

  • Short of creating a new view to use in OWA, I'm curious how to expand a topic in the public folders. For example, if the view was "By Conversation Topic" (.../?Cmd=contents?view=by%20conversation%20topic), is there a URL parameter to expand all topics to see the list of messages?

  • I'm not aware of a way to do that... When you click on the + to expand a topic, it does a SEARCH specifically for the items from that conversation thread.

  • I love the idea of using an iframe of OWA 2003 to display the week view on my home page! Thank you! Is it possible to remove the right pane of the week view (which contains the month), so that there is more room for the week's events to display in the iframe?

  • clarification: what I want to remove from the OWA week view is the taskpad that has the thumbnail view of the month. is there something like... &view=notaskpad ? thanks again

  • I don't know of a URL parameter to do that, but you might be able to do it by finding the ID of that taskpad and hiding it with a stylesheet. Here's some sample code that hides the toolbar, for example: <html> <head> <script> function window.onload(){ var oFrame = document.frames("calendarView"); if( oFrame.document.readyState == "complete" ) { var oStyles = oFrame.document.createStyleSheet(); oStyles.addRule( ".tdFolderPath", "display:none" ); oStyles.addRule( "#idToolbar", "display:none" ); } } </script> </head> <body> <IFRAME id=“calendarView" src= "http://server/public/calendar/?cmd=contents“> </body> </html>

  • Hi KC, is there a parameter to set the time zone used in a calendar view, or to use only the OWA server time zone and ignore time zone settings on the client? We are publishing a public folder calendar for a lot of events, and people keep turning up at the wrong time because they have wrong time zones set on their PCs. Thanks a lot, Frank

  • Unfortunately no, not with the uplevel (IE5+, Windows) client. The downlevel client (any other browser like IE4, IE on Solaris, Netscape, etc) does use the setting on the user's option page to render, regardless of the local PC's timezone, so you could force the downlevel client when you publish the PF calendar.

    Here are some examples:

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;310594 (affects all requests through that virtual server, but you could create a new VS for just the PF calendar, but you'd need a separate IP/hostname)

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;311154: Force the downlevel client on a per-user basis. Would affect every request that user makes to the server, so even if they use OWA to look at their mailbox, they'd get the downlevel experience

    http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=296232: Applies per (Back-end) server.

  • Is it possible to remove the preview/reading pane so that the users do not have this option when using OWA 2003?


  • There is no easy configuration option to do this, but it would be possible with a fair amount of programming. If that is something you're interested in, let me know and I will point you at the resources.

  • I work for a school system they want a way to publish the school calendar to the web and make it update automatically without having to republish to the web site? Is there a way to make a calendar public so anyone can veiw it from a web page without having to authenticate. We use Outlook 2002 and Exchange 2K

    Thanks, KC

  • You can make a public calendar folder anonymously accessible, and embed the URL to the calendar in another web page like:

    <iframe src="http://server/public/calendar/?cmd=contents">

  • Is there a parameter that I can use in Web Access to default to a specific view being a category? I'm trying this but it doesn't seem to work



  • Can we add reminders in owa calender from asp.net application