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Plus an Excel tip for today...

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This is something I use in Excel all the time, that I only found out about a year or so ago, so I thought I'd mention it here. Unfortunately, I don't know what version of Excel this first became available in.

Get a quick count of the number of cells selected:

1. Open a spreadsheet with some data in a column
2. Select some cells in a column
3. On the bar at the bottom of the excel window, in the right-hand side, right click and you'll get a menu with options like "Average" and "Count"
4. Choose Count, and that part of the window will display the number of cells you have selected. Similarly, Average will automatically display the average of the selected columns.

This is a really spiffy trick if you work with spreadsheets a lot.

  • That's been in Excel for as long as I can remember - at least since Excel 97 I'm sure. It is incredibly useful tho I confess I can't remember the name of it. "Quick Calculate Bar" or something like that. -B-