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Top ten tasks for new Exchange administrators

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Huzzah, huzzah, my list of the top ten tasks for new Exchange admins has been published on the Exchange web site: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/techinfo/administration/beginner.asp.

It was fun to write, because I only came up with the idea in the first week of October. I like seeing small pieces of content go live so quickly (perhaps one of the reasons I'm really enjoying blogging, eh?). I cobbled together a list of about 30 tasks, narrowed it down to 10 and wrote up the steps. Then I took suggestions on a couple of different tasks, deleted some of my original, and wrote up the steps for the suggestions. After a round of tech/editorial reviews, the web page is live.

I hope to get around to documenting the rest of the tasks on the list, but for now there are some other projects that I need to spend time on instead. Oh and of course, there's the twist this week: I'm being reorged again :-). Fortunately I'll still be doing much of the same things, but I'll be moving to a new team and reporting to a different person. Reorgs, like moving buildings, is a staple of the Microsoft diet. Sometimes I think that it's the executives' way of keeping us on our toes, to make sure we can turn on a dime.

By the way - my thanks go out to the Exchange MVPs, David, Mike Lee & Paul Bowden for helping me with ideas for tasks as well as tech review.
  • I notice that one of the items was to set up Exchange to handle mail for a domain. In my situation I cannot change the MX to point to our server, can Exchange be set up to retrieve the mail from a remote server (a la fetchmail) ? I can't change the MX because I don't have access to our DNS (and our connection isn't always up anyway).

  • interesting to see that you don't recommend backing up system state with mailboxes. Any reason why? (we back up the lot each night otherwise systemstate would never get done!)

  • oh, I meant to add thats a good resource - although most of it I know by now, its a good start for getting started online. Often you install software and then get a "ok - what now?" feeling.

  • #1: Without the ability to point the MX record at the server, you are limited to a 'pull' mechanism such as the ones described on this page: http://www.slipstick.com/exs/popconnect.htm. If you're using Small Business Server, it includes a POP connector. #2: I believe that works in Exchange 2000, but it will no longer work in Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 due to a change in the way backups are handled. See http://support.microsoft.com/?id=820852 for more information. You can back them both up, just not at the same time - use separate operations.

  • thanks - we use e2k at the moment - you gave me a fright last night reading this and thinking arghhhhhh!

  • Sorry about that :-)