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Enable reminders for non-default folders in Outlook

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By default, Outlook only displays reminders for four default folders:

  • Inbox (for items flagged for follow up with a date for the reminder)
  • Contacts (for flagged contacts, i.e. "call this guy")
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
But if you need them in other folders (such as a "Family" contacts folder, or a secondary calendar), Outlook MVP Ken Slovak has written Reminder Manager, which enables reminders for other folders.
On a related note, customers ask us to include bajillions (or at least it seems like that many :-) of features in Exchange and Outlook every day. Of course we can't accomodate all requests, but part of the beauty of these products is the ability to extend them with add-ins like Ken's or any of the many others available.
For example, several years ago, I mentioned to Ken that I wanted to be able to get at the internet headers on a received message without going to the View | Options menu (As I've mentioned, I'm a big keyboard junkie, so reducing keystrokes on common operations is important to me)... so he quickly whipped out a custom form with a button that displayed the internet headers. All I had to do was configure Outlook to use that custom form as the default form when reading a message. This was one of the events that inspired me to learn how to extend Outlook myself, and I've since then used VBA code or custom forms in Outlook to perform lots of time-saving or just fun and geeky things.
  • Any chance you can make this form available for download as that is just what I could do with!

  • Click on the link to Reminder Manager above, and you can download a 30-day trial version of it.