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Porn disclaimer

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A friend of mine works in the Anti-SPAM group here at Microsoft. When he joined the group, he was required to sign a disclaimer to signify that he was aware that in the process of doing his job, he might see pornographic and other possibly objectionable materials.

It makes sense, of course - wouldn't want some naive employee to get offended and sue the company for putting such "offensive" material in their faces (but then again, who with an email account doesn't see porn spam all the time anyway?). But the overall idea of a disclaimer that says "Yes, it's okay if I see porn" just cracks me up.

  • I need someone to do this for me at work.

  • Years ago I worked for a VAR of financial software. One of our clients was a publisher of adult magazines. In every office or large cubicle, the last 3 or 4 issues of the company's flagship publications were spread out on a coffee table or bookshelf. Your entry makes wonder if those employees are/were required to sign such a disclaimer!

  • Interesting! I would guess that the hiring process for that company included some sort of vetting process to determine if the employee was comfortable working in such an environment. I would not be at all surprised if they had a legal doc for it though... without it, they'd probably end up getting sued by the same type of people who sued McDonald's for making them fat. :-)

  • RE: Disclaimer.... One of the oddest sites I wittnessed was a fellow in A/R having to turn through each issue and note in a spreadsheet the page and size of each ad, so that if a client wanted evidence "they got what they paid for" he'd have a quick table to refer to (this was in the middle '90s, by now I'm certain they'd have a more sophisticated method). Quote this guy "My buddies think it's great to read all these skin mags all the time... after two years I'm bored with this stuff, it's all inventory to me!"

  • hehehee, guess what... my second job is writing professional adult sites disclaimers...