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For some reason, the "GNAP!" episode of the Smurfs has been in my head lately, so I went searching for more information on it just because I can. I ran across this review on epinions, which proved to be some entertaining light reading last night.

Says the author: "But as I grew older and analytically studied cartoons (while skipping class in college), I realized something. Nearly all cartoon animators are tweaked out of their minds on drugs when making cartoons".

For your reading pleasure, he also specifically documents exactly which drugs the animators must have been on. A nice thorough review of an important topic.

  • I thought I was the only one who knew about the GNAP smurf... nobody remembers him! Long live GNAP

  • i have no idea why, but i searched for GNAP smurfs today and came across your blog. weird little infectious purple smurfs, i loved them. and yeah i hear ya about animators being whacked out of their minds on the junk :)

  • Aglio: Funny, that's exactly what happened to me, I just thought of it and searched for it out of curiosity.

  • hey
    ma last name is gnap!!!