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Outlook 2003 tip o' the day

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The ability to customize toolbars has been around for several versions now, but it doesn't seem to be very widely used in my unofficial survey.

I make heavy use of customized toolbars in Outlook, specifically for adding my own keyboard shortcuts - I generally avoid using the mouse if possible, I'm a big keyboard junkie.

For example:

1. Open Outlook and right click on the Standard toolbar (the one that has the basic buttons like Send/Receive on it)
2. Choose Customize
3. On the Commands tab, drag an item from a menu that you commonly use onto the toolbar. For example, on the Actions menu, drag the Red Flag onto the toolbar next to Send/Receive
4. Right click on the red flag and choose Text Only (Always)
5. Right click on the red flag again and change the Name to &X or another shortcut you'll remember. The & precedes the letter you'll type with Alt in order to access that button - i.e. Alt+X will now set a red flag on selected messages.
6. Drag Actions | Flag Complete next to the red flag and choose a similar short keyboard combination such as &Z.
7. Close out of the customization dialog
8. Now select a few messages, press Alt+X to flag them for followup. I do this to help me remember which items in my inbox need a response from me. Then you can also press Alt+Z to mark the item as complete once you've followed up.

  • Also hitting the insert key will also flag an item. No need to set up a shortcut just for that.

  • Thank you so much for existing...

    Best of lucks for you

  • Hi.

    I followed your directions and setup a way to type ALT+Z to get a drop down for my signatures I could insert into a message.

    I was wondering if I could take that one step further and assign numbers to each signature -- much like how multiple accounts are numbered in a drop down to pick which account to send from.

    I would like to be able to type ALT+Z and then a number for the signature I want to select, completely bypassing the mouse.

    Could you also please e-mail me at odells@comcast.net when you reply to this post?

    thanks very much!


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