I have worked at Microsoft for 9 years, I am not an expert in scripting, creating Management Packs or doing any Customer code.  I work in the Datacenter Center of Excellence team as an Architect whose day to day job is to focus on the people/process aspect of the Cloud, Windows and System Center. 

When I took on this role, I decided to go “Social” I dusted off my blog, used LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out to others to understand, why do we focus so much on the technology about the Cloud, yet miss out on the critical pieces people/process.  Where do I start?  Well here is where I see the challenges

    • In the Cloud, technology is the enabler - we lack guidance on the "softer side" of the Cloud
    • We were challenged in managing the traditional datacenter – Now what do we do in the Cloud?
    • We lack appropriate Service Management principles, processes and procedures on how to manage the Cloud
    • Did we invest enough up front to automate processes and procedures?
    • Continual Service Improvement is a must, yet where do we start….

Today I spoke with Sam Erskine, someone who I have admired over his blog posts, tweets and also on the Service Manager #LyncUp calls.   I love his motto “Standardize before you Customise”.  It is really wonderful when you meet someone who also knows Service Management and technology equally the same (rare birds we are).  We agreed that we may focus too much on the shiny objects and we forgot to put “Service Management” in the Cloud.  Looking forward to our upcoming collaborations Sam!


 What is it that we are missing in “Managing the Cloud”?  I look forward to your responses.