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  • Blog Post: More on Java & .NET

    You may recall my previous email regarding this topic. In response to my blog post, here's something I found. Please check out this website and let's get working on bridging SharePoint and Java! Where do you need Java and .NET interoperability?   Web Services JNBridgePro...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint tools

    I found this amazing directory with tools for SharePoint. Some of these tools are quite useful and free! Great list for an integrator or SharePoint customer. These tools should help you increase your ROI by delivering even more value to your people.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath fronting SharePoint

    So SharePoint was the front-end view for quite a few apps, but now, here's one step further. Why not build your application logic using InfoPath. So I recently read two articles about it and putting them together, you may see more solutions. Here goes:
  • Blog Post: AJAX and MOSS

    I've heard a few of you ask about AJAX in MOSS 2007. Yeah, OOB MOSS doesn't support the ASP.NET AJAX framework, so here's an interesting bit of reading for you – thanks to Jose , whose post, I picked it from: AJAX is not a specific technology but a set of technologies, mostly related to using client...
  • Blog Post: Impressive Community Webparts for SharePoint

    I was looking for something around discussions on codeplex. Did not find that, but I was totally blown away by these two webparts – Kudos to the guys who made ‘em. They make life so easy! So they are ChartParts – build out a list, fill it up with data and hey presto, now you can have a chart based on...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2010 dev guide now ready!

    The Dev Guide is a great tool for new SharePointers to explore the product. With this and the beta version now out, you should be able to ramp up for the product nicely. Must read! Overview This evaluation guide is designed to give you an overview of the feature set and extensibility points for Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Useful Browser Compatibility & ActiveX Post!