October, 2008

  • SharePoint Readiness Resources for Customers

    Found this great site where you can search for readiness resources online. Includes courses, webcasts and more. http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/readiness/pages/search.aspx
  • Hardening SharePoint Installations

    I wonder how many people have seen this article on Technet? http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262834.aspx It's an excellent resource on hardening your SharePoint environment. Also shows you some commands to use when running PSConfig to...
  • DVD issue and the not-so-helpful error codes

    I was playing Rise of Legends over the last few days. After a late night session the day before, I woke up to find that my DVD drive had disappeared. It was physically present, but for some reason it just wouldn't play a movie, a cd and certainly not...