August, 2007

  • What does it take to be a SharePoint Expert, really?

    I'm sure at one point or another, you've wondered about this and probably came up with some ideas. Probably before you thought of hiring someone, or probably when you wanted to do some Knowledge-Transfer. Looks like your thinking may be done for you...
  • FBA in MOSS

    Excellent post on how to configure Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in MOSS:
  • More on Java & .NET

    You may recall my previous email regarding this topic. In response to my blog post, here's something I found. Please check out this website and let's get working on bridging SharePoint and Java! Where do you need Java and...
  • Where’s my time going?

    If you often spend your full day working on your machine and wonder where your time went, then here's something that may help!
  • ZenZui!

    Hello! Anyone seen ZenZui yet? I happened to be digging through my RSS feeds and came across this new mobile app which is a must! Check it out on their website and esp. MS partners, here's something you can plug into –
  • Useful Browser Compatibility & ActiveX Post!
  • AJAX and MOSS

    I've heard a few of you ask about AJAX in MOSS 2007. Yeah, OOB MOSS doesn't support the ASP.NET AJAX framework, so here's an interesting bit of reading for you – thanks to Jose , whose post, I picked it from: AJAX is not a specific technology but a...
  • .NET and J2EE/Java Interop

    I've had customers asking me about Interop with Java and SharePoint. This bit below should help us respond to them. If you haven't seen/heard about it, I'd like to refer you to the following: .NET and Java/J2EE Interoperability:
  • Building Groove Apps

    I recently got asked by a customer about Building Groove Apps, so I dug around and found some relevant resources. Here's the info for you: Groove Databridge: