Today Matt Hester writes our 5th part of our November series of blog entries.  You can find the post here:   The Cloud on Your Terms Part 5 of 30: Are your Servers Ready For the Cloud?  Matt even had a webcast in his blog that talks about some of the migration tools you need to get your servers ready for the Cloud.  You need to get everything to Windows Server 2008 R2 to take advantage of the new software Private Cloud.   From this blog here(back on Aug 8th post) you can get all you need to download or go to .


As I mentioned in part 1 we are going to be posting the series across 4 blogs: Brian Lewis, ME, Kevin Remde and Matt Hester. Let us know what you think of the posts and if you think of topic let us know! If you happen to miss a part and want to get caught up. You can find all the parts of the series here: Cloud on Your Terms: 30 Days about the Cloud