OK, that’s Developer Talk (I have no clue!)

But it is a fun video staring Brandon Satrom.


In this episode, Javier Lozano, ASP.NET Insider and MVP, joins Brandon Satrom to talk about MVC Turbine. MVC Turbine is a plugin for ASP.NET MVC that has Inversion of Control baked in, along with auto-wires controllers, binders, view engines, http modules, and more, all from within your application. The result: you’re free to worry more about what your application should do, rather than how it should do it. Brandon and Javier take a quick look at MVC Turbine, and how you can start using it today in your ASP.NET MVC Applications.

To learn more about MvcTurbine, visit http://mvcturbine.codeplex.com/ and Javier’s blog at http://lozanotek.com/blog.


Thanks Channel 9!