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Time Change Broke my AT&T TILT Phone

Time Change Broke my AT&T TILT Phone

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"Tilt Off" At&t..   This is my relatively new Tilt phone. I love the Windows Mobile 6 that it has.  Sunday morning it was working just fine. I unplugged it from the charger, read the 4 emails I had. Saw that I got a popup saying the time had been adjusted. I clicked OK. Everything seemed fine..  BUT..... Then I noticed the time had NOT changed.  I opened Outlook and the calendar time was messed up so I said, Time for a reboot.  I turned off the phone. Then turned it back on. See the above picture for what I got.  Now this is all my phone will do.   I took it yesterday(I know on a Sunday) to the local company owned AT&T store. They messed with it for about 20 minutes and couldn't get it to HARD reset.  They gave up. So the Time change adjustment HOSED MY PHONE!

I basically have two choices at this point. Either call the 1-800 number, ship off the phone and wait for a replacement, or take it to the other side of Dallas to their Device support center and have them attempt to fix it or replace it. Like I have time to do that, but at this point I am so dependant on this phone I have too.  Did your phone survive the time change?

I now call it my Primary color HTC 8925 phone!  In general I have had good luck with HTC's I am hard on phones, but come on. A time change kills a phone?

  • <p>Interesting. I have never faced this type of problem. I used SX66 (Blue Angel), then moved to 8125 to 8525 and now Tilt(8925). Like I said before never faced this type of problem. I had to change my 8125 previously before it was dropped in a snow storm and the screen was broken. Luckily I had synched my phone previous night and did not lose much of my contacts and other information I had on that. I hope you also activesync your phone frequently. &nbsp;Otherwise you will lose all the information you have on that phone.</p> <p>One question, did you try to sync your phone after hard reset?</p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>Rama</p> <p>Currently Breathing .NET</p>

  • <p>John, my wife has this phone and she had a message on it that a time change had occurred but the clock did not change so she did it manually. No other problems occurred for her.</p> <p>Dean</p>

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