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July, 2007

  • Interesting SQL fact

    So I am in Seattle this week at the mother-ship getting some training. The event is called TechReady 5, it is for us people out in the field to get more technical training. It is our chance to get info on the new products that are coming, talking directly...
  • SysAdmin Day.

    Friday, July 27th, 2007, is the 8th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day . - Also know as the annual System Administrators ask for a raise day. Some users companies just don't appreciate IT staff the way they should. Try powering off a few servers...
  • Great article on Bill G.

    New York Times did a great article today on Bill G. Here is the link: Gates Plans His Leave amid Great Change What do you think about his planned departure? I saw him speak at last week's technical training. Great speaker as usual.