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April, 2007

  • Vista Resource kits Arrive!!

    I ordered 10 of these for my User Groups. They came in today, 1500 pages, times 10 I needed a 2 wheeler to get them to my desk. Keith Combs wrote a great article about the resource kit this morning. Check it out here:
  • More SQL Webcast Q&A log #4

    Here is from another webcast I did. Question: Please post the email and blog information: Answer: Question: Is report service a part of the sql server 2005 installation or a separate purchase...
  • SQL Webcast Q&A log #3

    So I did another webcast on SQL 2005 yesterday. It was on advanced Reporting Services. I looked for the QA log and I found 5 logs for SQL webcast I have done. Have I really done 5 SQL webcast lately? here is all of the Q&A from them: Question: What...
  • I found all of the Q&A logs

    Here is another one from SQL webcast. Question: What is John's email? Answer: Question: What is John's blog address? Answer: Question: which edition comes with SSIS ? Private Answer: standard and Enterprise...
  • I promise, last post on SQL Q&A logs

    Question: What was that email and blog address? Answer: Question: If a developer has exported a SQL 2000 DTS package to VB6 code, what is the best way to migrate this code to SSIS/.Net? Private Answer...
  • Something cool from the Canadians!

    It just amazes me how much cool stuff there is out there on the Internet. Here is another one. is for IT pros and Microsoft stuff. It is done by my Canadian counterparts north of the border! Go enjoy.