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March, 2007

  • Roundtable

    My friend Chris Avis wrote this: If by chance you have not heard of Roundtable, check out this post by Carl Tyler . Now that you are back and itching for more, I will save you the time in searching the Microsoft site. There isn't anything there. A few...
  • Are you a Dr. or IT Pro?

    My fellow IT Pro evangelist Matt Hester has written some articles for Technet Magazine . His most recent article compares ITPros with Doctors and has a humorous twist. I have done what he describes in his article. PLUG THE CABLE IN DUDE!
  • Longhorn Virtual Server Demo

    We just made this Demo public. Go check out a demo of Longhorn. It talks about Virtual Server, 8 core virtual machine, suse Linux 10 demo running under Longhorn, and lot's more. Enjoy!
  • Family offer again

    I keep presenting all over the US and every time I do I bring up this offer. No one has heard of it and it is a GREAT LIMITED TIME OFFER for the details. Basically buy a Vista Ultimate (retail, not on a new machine, either...
  • System Center and Intel

    This morning Intel is announcing comprehensive support for System Center . This support encompasses SMS 2003 R2, Operations Manager, and System Center Essentials. We will be announcing at MMS further support in SCCM 2007. This is extremely exciting news...
  • Remote Database with BCM and Outlook 2007

    Deploying Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager in a Remote Database Configuration Overview Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with...
  • Battery Recall for Lenovo

    Yep, my battery for my Lenovo T60P has been recalled. I have two of them. I followed the instructions at IBM's site. One is recalled, the other one isn't. I love the description of the problem. If you drop the laptop just right(on the corner of the battery...
  • Tech Ed 2007 start participating NOW

    Start participating in Tech·Ed now Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions – Submit topic ideas today! Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions are open discussions on developer and IT topics of mutual interest to Tech·Ed attendees. They give Tech·Ed attendees the opportunity...
  • Daylight Savings Time support

    I was just on a chat, great resources to help people with the DST issue.