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November, 2006

  • 1 in 100 chance to win Xbox 360?

    Come to my TechNet event in Nashua, NH on November 30. Actually we are across the boarder in Mass in Tyngsboro. Only 35 miles from Boston. We only have 100 people registered. I will be giving away 1 Xbox 360. So you have 1 in 100 chance of winning...
  • GNoTE

    GNoTE? Global Network of Technology Evangelist!! A fellow MS evangelist has started a cool place for Technology evangelist to hang out. Read more below from Anand. Go check out GNoTE A few evangelist-friends of mine (from Sun and Yahoo!) and I,...
  • Next version of SBS to be 64 bit only just like new Exchange 2007 will be.

    Just too much fun information today not to share: We have announced about the next version of SBS. It will be 64 bit. Q . Will there be a...
  • so you want to get the bits to Vista now?

    Are you a TechNet subscriber? Well you should be. If you are, you can go to the Technet site right now and download it. As you can see below as of today both Vista and Office 2007 are availible to TechNet subscribers...
  • Office 2007 RTM's

    We announced that Office 2007 has RTM'ed. YEA! What is RTM? That is Released to Manufacturing. It means the product is complete, or gone gold code as we use to say in the past. Now they software is sent to the guys that make the DVD's and package it....
  • Microsoft, Novell, Linux?

    really interesting announcement today.
  • Interesting Article on launch dates.

    I was reading the Seattle Post Intelligencer today and they had a very interesting article on Vista launch dates. Here is the link to the article.