Yesterday I did a Webcast on SQL 2005 Reporting Services, here is the log of questions and answers.

Question: Where can I find the installer for RS 2005? Is it on all the MSSQL installer disks?

Answer: Yes - Check out

Question: Is this webcast being recorded, and may be able to be accessed later?

Answer: Yes, it is. There will be a follow-up e-mail with resources as well

Question: Can you export the reports in pdf landscape mode and will it look good?

Answer: Yes - We have implemented our own PDF generation code. You will not need a license of Acrobat to create PDF reports. Reports are defined in XML, generated in an abstract representation, and then rendered to a variety of formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, custom)

Question: Is this sharepoint integration installed when one installs sql server 2005?

Answer: Yes - SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services includes a set of Web Parts that make it easy to integrate reports into your SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Windows SharePoint Services environment. Both the Report Viewer and the Report Explorer Web Parts Check out

Question: How do you get report services? I have SQL 2005 Express and Dev Studio Standard. Is it available for this env? If so, how do I get it?

Answer: Yes all versions have Reporting Services - Check out -

Question: Can you Import Cognos/Crystal Reports into RS

Answer: We have partners who offer this as a service...otherwise, we recommend you simply try converting a few

Question: Is there migration docs available to move from 2003 to 2005?

Answer: I don't see a specific document on Reporting Services. There is a lot of information about going to SQL Server 2005 which is what you are doing since Reporting services is a piece of 2005. I did find some webcasts that are on migrating - check out these results:

Question: I don't seem to have RS installed. How do I install it?

Answer: Check out

Question: Is there an additional installation for report builder besided SQL server reporting services?

Answer: Report Builder is a new component of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services that enables business users to create and deploy reports with a user-friendly enterprise data model. Check out

Question: are the calendar date prompts built in or are they the Dundas add-ins?

Answer: I do not think they are add-ins, we would have to talk to Content Creators

Question: Can I call report from a .NET application

Answer: SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) provides the developer several programming interfaces that can be used to extend the functionality of Reporting Services. These interfaces include Web services for managing and executing reports, a WMI provider interface for configuration management, a set of Microsoft .NET Framework managed APIs for creating Reporting Services extensions, and URL access for easy integration with Web portals and applications. Check out:

Question: I am thinking of using Tableau Visual Analysis for graphs and visuals of my data. Can Report Builer build graphs and visuals?

Answer: Yes and they can even be click through graphs as well:

Question: Is it possible to modified the Total in a Matrix Report (Currently its always SUM)

Answer: Check the layout tab - Resource

Question: Does SQL Express provide all of the Reporting capabilities?

Answer: Not all check out Yes all versions have Reporting Services - Check out -

Question: are the calendar date prompts built in or are they the Dundas add-ins? He presented them without comment, this implied they are part of the product. Can he response to the audience please?

Answer: I do not believe they are ad-ins

I also had a Vista Webcast last week. No questions were asked during that session.