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July, 2006

  • SQL Reporting Services Webcast Q&A

    Yesterday I did a Webcast on SQL 2005 Reporting Services, here is the log of questions and answers. Question: Where can I find the installer for RS 2005? Is it on all the MSSQL installer disks? Answer: Yes - Check out
  • Slide Decks

    I keep getting emails requesting the slide decks that I do at our presentations. Usually they are on the DVD's we give out. I understand that one of the files is corrupt this quarter. You can always go get our slides from our resource page: www...
  • I liked this article is a great article. MS as a blue chip, not as a "failing" growth stock.
  • 80 % chance Vista in January

    Great acticle today on MSNBC. Gates is in South Africa. Balmer is talking about it at the WWPC in Boston. Read more here:
  • End of and Era 98 and ME Yes it's true. Support is ending for 98 and ME. Should we celebrate? Is anyone mad? If you are still running ME or before, why?
  • Do you want to start a IT Pro User Group?

    I have been working with Culminis. They are a group of user Groups for IT Pro types for the whole world. They have great resources on their website if you are interested in starting a user group. Joining Culminis for your group would...
  • Virtual PC is now Free

    Go check it out at or go check out my friend's blog at:
  • Microsoft aquires Sysinternals/Winternals

    yes it's true. We bought this company. Great technology. It will be interesting to see how we use it. Read the news here:\ACQPRN200607181100PR_NEWS_B_NWT_SF_SFTU040.htm
  • Microsoft Hosting Solutions for Service Providers

    We announced a new product yesterday. Windows Based Hosting 4.0 This is for Service Providers that want to offer hosting solutions. It includes SQL 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 Read more here:
  • Boston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Hartford CT?

    What do these cities have in common? Yep they are cities you can come see me live in during August!! We will be doing 4 hour presentations on Vista and Exchange 2007. I will be in Boston 8/8, Ft Worth 8/15, Dallas 8/17 and Hartford, CT on 8/31...
  • TechNet Subscription announcements

    I was in a meeting this morning with Scott Stout, PM for the TechNet Subscriptions and he gave us the OK to talk about these new features that are coming out August 1st about TechNet Subscriptions. First the standard subscription is going away. Don...