April, 2007

  • Quick TIP: Force FRS replication

    For this tip you will need a somewhat newer version of ntfrsutl.exe You can grab a version out of the Service Pack 2 Support Tools download here . Beginning with the version of ntfrsutl.exe in KB 823230 we have the ability to force FRS replication...
  • Quick Tips

    I've added a new tag called "Quick Tips." These are going to be smaller posts where I offer some time-saving tip, or some other similar type of goodie. Look out for the first one soon!
  • AD User and Group Restore Webcast

    Some time ago I did a webcast presentation on Active Directory User and Group Restore. I've included the link for those of you that may have missed it. Check out the on-demand presentation here: http://www.msusapartnerreadiness.com/WS_abstract...