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MDOP 2012 Application Virtualization 5.0 Deployment Document

MDOP 2012 Application Virtualization 5.0 Deployment Document

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   Hi All :

   This document will to show you how to implementing Application Virtualization 5.0 deployment, and how to sequence application and so on .

   More information you can reference TechNet library :  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj713487.aspx



   Please use Adobe Reader X or above version to open.




   Justin Gao

   Microsoft (China)

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  • Thanks a lot.  Have been waiting for such a release from you especially based on past material relating to System Center 2012.

  • It looks like the PDF file has error after download.  Cannot open the file.

  • Hi Lanram:

    Please use adobe reader X or above version.

  • I am using Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Pro XI.  Yet i keep getting this error


    I have no problem opening other PDF files.  I still believe the file is damaged during your upload process or during the creation of the document.  Can you please share it in Microsoft Word format pls....


  • Hi Ram :

    I had update my document.

    Thank you!

  • All working fine.  I just downloaded the PDF at work - No issue whatsoever with the PDF file.  Ignore my request and sorry for the confusion.  I may have to check my home computer for PDF software issue - Might have to reinstalL Adobe Reader & Pro XI.  Thanks.....

  • I followed the document to the DOT - Unfortunately on the client machine the update and download button are GRAYED OUT and the published apps are not showing up.  The connection group and package are published on Management Server yet the app is not showing up on the client side.  Don't know how to troubleshoot the issue.

  • I was able to resolve the issue - It was publishing server not refreshing properly.  This KB helped - support.microsoft.com/.../2778168 - How to troubleshoot publishing server refresh failures in App-V v5.  Now everything is working fine.  

    Thanks for all your install notes help.  

  • Yes lanram, by default,the client not assign App-V publishing server, so you need use "Add-AppvPublsihingServer -URL http(s)://<publishing server name or FQDN>" to registration.

  • Will you come out with a new install notes on how to deploy App-V 5.0 client through CM2012 SP1?  In the meantime, I will search google for complete instructions......

  • Hi Lanram:

    You can packaging App-V 5.0 Client from Application node, and use command:


  • I hope you can help me here.  I sequenced around 9 applications during the weekend.  All of them were working after fine.  Today morning when, I tried to test these applications again I keep getting this error - The application failed to launch.  This may be due to a network failure - Error Code 0x84000d2a-00000436.  

    There is no issue within the network.  I can browse content folder on the publishing server + did check the permission for content folder (App-v Administrators - Full Access + App-v User - Read Access).  Yet, I keeping getting this error for every application sequenced.  Been searching the net for solution - None found yet.  

    I even tried sync the publishing server through powershell - yet no luck to resolve this issue.

  • Hi Lanram:

    Could you try to restart Microsoft App-V Client service?

    I am not sure the service still alive.

  • Will try during the weekend and will update.

  • I was able to fix the issue.  It was SMB - Permission issue with the share.  Now everything is working fine.

    Just need one help deploying app-v client to various workstatiqons through sccm using msi or exe file.  Looking for solution on the NET.  

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