Hi All :

       When you installing Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox High-available on Windows Server 2012 environment , you may encounter this error : An Active Manager operation failed with a transient error: Please retry the operation. Error: The fully qualified domain name for node 'XXXX' could not be found.

        Now , you need to assign the machine account of the first node added to the DAG with full control of the pre-staged object.

      1. Select the appropriate container in Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in console where you wish the account to be created.  Right click, select New –> Computer :

      2. In the Computer name box, type the name that was assigned to the database availability group :

        3. Click OK , the computer account created . Right-click this account and click Properties :

       4. Then click Security tab , and click Add... , add the first DAG member server computer account and assign the machine account Full control Allow permission :

   6. When presented with the disable dialog, select Yes :

     7. After the object has been successfully disabled,  press the OK button on the success confirmation :

    8. And now , you can start to creating DAG successfully !




     Justin Gao

     Microsoft (China)