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   Configuration Manager provides several methods that you can use to deploy an operating system. However, regardless of the deployment method that you use, there are several actions that you must take. These actions include:

  • Identify any Windows device drivers that are required to run the boot image or the operating system image that you have to deploy.
  • Identify the boot image that you want to use to start the destination computer. Configuration Manager provides two default boot images.
  • Capture an image of the operating system that you want to deploy by using a task sequence.
  • Distribute the boot image, operating system image, and any related content to a distribution point.
  • Create a task sequence that deploys the boot image and the operating system image.
  • Deploy the task sequence to the collection that contains the destination computer. If there are multiple computers in the collection, the task sequence is deployed to each computer in the collection.

    This document will to show how to capture a reference computer , and made a OS package , and then implement Bare Metal computer to install OS.


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    Justin Gao

    Microsoft (China)