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Random musings of a Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist in Redmond, WA.

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  • Blog Post: Feature of the Week: URLScan 3.0 for IIS 7.0

    Back in April there were reports that surfaced stating that web sites running on Internet Information Services (IIS) had been compromised by an automated attack that used vulnerabilities in web pages that did not follow security for best practices. These websites were taken advantage of via SQL injection...
  • Blog Post: Better Experience and Faster Response Times for Your Web Sites!

    Ever wanted to “warm-up” your IIS web site by pre-loading processes at the start of the web server in order to enable faster response times?  Well now you can have the easy-bake oven option !  Today, Microsoft announced the beta release of IIS Application Warm-Up – an extension for IIS 7.5...