Tech Tips for the Field

by John Roller

September, 2005

  • SMT 5600 Cell Phone Antenna

    I just went to a truck stop and bought an antenna for my SMT 5600. It increases my reception from 1 to 5 bars!!! It works great. The antenna is about 4” long with an 8’ cord. Since they don’t sell one for the SMT 5600, I had to try all of them until one...
  • Outlook 2003 Server Status

    To see server status in Outlook 2003, hold the CTRL, then right-click on the Outlook Icon in the system tray. Go up to Connection Status.
  • Monad New Scripting Technology

    We just released the beta for Monad, our new interactive command-line and task-based scripting technology. To get a copy, go to and search for monad.