Tech Tips for the Field

by John Roller

July, 2004

  • Why do you want to shutdown?

    If you’ve played with Server 2003, no doubt you’ve come across the “Why do you want to shutdown?” question. To stop the madness, you can Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker here: Open Group Policy. Navigate to the Display Shutdown...
  • Outlook Shortcut Selecting Multiple Messages

    The second shortcut is for Outlook . I always had a problem selecting multiple messages with the mouse. I had to hold the SHIFT and click blocks at a time. Just like in Word, if you hover over an inbox message and move your cursor to the left until it...
  • Internet Explorer CTRL Enter Shortcut

    In Internet Explorer , go up to the address bar (F6 if you like) and type in the site you want to visit without the www or the com. Then hit CTRL Enter. Is that great or what?
  • SMS 2003 Advanced Client and XP SP2 Firewall issues

    There are two known compatibility issues that require hotfixes and five application compatibility issues caused by the secure configuration of the Windows Firewall. See
  • New Command Line Tools for Active Directory;[LN];298882
  • Customize Windows Explorer

    Be able to see more details than ever before. Go to Windows Explorer and view details. This one’s really cool! Find a folder with word docs in it. Right click on the grey Name bar and click on More… Click on Pages and close. Is that cool or...
  • Windows Explorer Folders

    Ever double click on My Computer and wish you could get to the list of folders? There are two ways to do this. For single use, you can double click on My Computer then go to View, Explorer Bar, Folders (or hold down Alt and type V,E,O) for short. To make...
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    I like shortcut keys. I have them for all of my frequently used programs. Give this a try. Go to Start, Programs, and right-click on Microsoft Word. Go to properties and click on Shortcut Key and type a CTRL ALT W in there. Close the dialogue box and...
  • New Command Line Tools in XP and Server 2003

    It's always good to run through this list just once on each O/S. Go to Start, then Run and type hh ntcmds.chm and click on New command-line tools.
  • Ever Heard of the Port Reporter Tool?

    It logs TCP and UDP port activity on a local Windows system.
  • Want Information on a Windows XP Computer?

    Want a quick way to find information about a Windows XP computer? Try SYSTEMINFO.EXE from the command line. It can be automated, and the results can be placed in a file.
  • Windows Search Questions Drives me Crazy!

    Have you noticed that when you try to find a file on your hard drive, Windows asks you more questions? That drives me crazy. Here’s how to stop it: Hit Windows + F and when it asks what you want to search for, click on change preferences at the...
  • Are you getting Event ID 4100 or 4356 on SMS 2003 clients?

    Check out provides the steps to deploy a hotfix to previously deployed Advanced Clients. Only apply the hotfix if you have this problem.
  • WMIC Rocks!!!

    I learned about this utility at TechEd and just had to share it... If you've heard of WMI, then WMIC.EXE will make it useful. It's a command line interface for WMI that doesn't require scripting. It also allows you to access WMI on Windows 2000 computers...
  • Use Special Font Characters

    How about this one? Ever wanted to use a ©, ®, or maybe a ¢? If you go to Start, Run and type CHARMAP, it will lead you to a host of symbols you can drop into your documents. Don’t forget to check out the font called WingDings in...
  • Internet Explorer Shortcuts

    Internet Explorer shortcuts! Try these: F11 to make it full screen and back, Shift when you click on a link to open in a new window, F6 highlights the Address bar to type a new URL, F5 is refresh current page, CTL H shows history of where you’ve...