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UPDATED : Copy contacts from iPhone 4 to Windows Phone 7

UPDATED : Copy contacts from iPhone 4 to Windows Phone 7

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Hi everyone,


I am not an iPhone user, but I was requested to do something that is not as easy as many can think :


" To be able to synchronize contacts from an iPhone into Windows Phone 7 "


This is a three step move, with several minor details.


Let's begin :


1 - Start by install the iTunes on your PC :


Next, connect your iPhone to your computer and then wait for it to show up as a device in iTunes.

Once connected, click on the "Info" tab and go down to "Contacts". Select to sync contacts with Outlook and then sync your iPhone.

This operation will copy all contacts from your iPhone (including contact pictures, if you use them) to the Outlook Contacts folder.

Just need to make sure that the contacts were sinchronized to the Outlook.


2 - The next step is to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector, depending on your Windows Version, 32 or 64 bit :


Download details: Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit




Download details: Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bit


You must restart Outlook and configure a new account, Hotmail, using your Hotmail username and password.

At this point, you are connected to the service using Outlook, meaning you can send and receive e-mails from Outlook and to synch contacts ;)


3 - You can now start the next step.

In Outlook, scroll to the Contacts of your Usual Mailbox and select all, by pressing CTRL+A and hit CTRL+C.

Scroll to the Contacts inside the Hotmail Mailbox on your Outlook and press CTRL+V.

Outlook will copy all the contacts to the "Cloud". Your Hotmail contacts folder online is the destination.


On your Windows Phone 7 device, click the Right Arrow ( à ) and then choose "Hotmail".

Press the Sync button and that's it J


I hope this helps someone, because it would have helped me a LOT J

Kindest regards,

João Ribeiro

  • Nice reference!  Also: Option B: Use Exchange

    Thanks for your comment :)


    Well, to be quite honest, I consider Exchange the Plan A... however, in this specific case there was nothing except an Hotmail account :)




    João Ribeiro

  • Nice tips. Thank you so much. I share another guide on how to copy contacts from windows mobile to windows phone 7.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thank you Eanej :)

    Every options on how to do this are more than welcome.

    Kindest regards,

    João Ribeiro

  • Thank you for this article, I will try this solution and see.

  • Using a mac with parallels (iPhone4 to Windows Phone 7)


    open outlook 2011

    open tools>sync services>select address book

    open file>export>select tab-delimited, also mail and contacts

    Save file

    open tab delimited file in excel

    save file as csv

    open windows live in browser>all services>contact>manage>import>outlook>choose file

    select your file and upload

    all contacts should appear in windows live


    In parallels:

    run zune

    plug your phone in

    it will sync automatically


    Thank you very much Liam, for completing the information :)


    João Ribeiro

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