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  • Blog Post: Why this blog and what is MsgBoxViewer ?

    Hi, the purpose of this blog I created is mainly to share with you some troubleshooting tools I created at MS and to focus mainly on one that we use now frequently at CSS to get quickly a detailed health check of a BizTalk 2004/2006 System including of course all the BizTalk databases when we have...
  • Blog Post: BizTalk MsgBoxViewer - download here the latest version of the tool

    Find here the latest version of MBV.
  • Blog Post: Submit here your feedbacks on MBV and your suggestions for next versions

    Hello, I created this page to centralize your feedbacks on MBV tool and also your suggestions of new features or improvements you would like to see included in next versions of MBV. Based on my own experience with BizTalk usage in production and some features that were already suggested to me to add...
  • Blog Post: What is BizTalk MsgBoxViewer (aka "MBV") ?

    As the name imply, MBV analyze in details your BizTalk 2004, 2006 or 2009 MsgBox Db but also other BizTalk Dbs and generates an HTML file containing different REPORTS including a "WARNINGS REPORT" which report in yellow and red some warnings. As you can imagine, red warning are considered as critical...