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BizTalk MsgBoxViewer - download here the latest version of the tool

BizTalk MsgBoxViewer - download here the latest version of the tool

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Find here the latest version of MBV.

  • On a blogpost by Yossi Dahan I read about a BizTalk tool I didn't know about: MsgBoxViewer Via Google

  • Cuando necesitamos conocer y/o predecir del comportamiento de nuestro entorno de BizTalk Server entonces,

  • Hello JP,

    When running the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer, it is dropping and creating the objects sp_who3 and fn_MapWaitResource every time that it runs. Would it be possible to modify the tool to only create the objects if they don't exist? Our DBA group is comfortable giving our support group execute permissions on these objects but not the permission to drop or create objects in the master DB.



  • Hi Mike,

    your remark make sens but I remember that I already tried this initally and I met some errors;but let me some time this week to investigate that; I already had this remark before and I understand the need.

    FYI, this script is comming directly from known Biztalk architect Lee Graber; he reused known 'sp_who' that he modified to help our suport teams to troubleshoot BizTalk Locking situations in the MsgBox.


  • It would be nice if the viewer would report Biztalk Application for each artifact. Even better if the artifacts could be grouped under Applications.

    We have a BTS group with tens of Applications and hundreds of ports and orchestrations. We are planning a migration to a HA environment and need to analyze/report which adapters and hosts an application needs.

  • Hi Jukka,

    Thanks for this sugestion but I just would like to understand it better, as currently in the BizTalk Console of BizTak 2006 you can see in the "Resources" node all assembly resources per Application.

    Is it what you want or do you want to have a larger view not specific to assemblies ?



  • Hi JP

    In the section "Most CPU Queries (SQL 2K5 only)", MBV shows the entire sp text.

    This makes it quite cumbersome to read.

    Could you show only the names of the sprocs?



  • humm..very good suggestion Manuel !

    it makes so sense that I wonder why I did not do that before !?  it reduce indeed significantly size of output HTML file, History.Log, and XML file (if this option was selected)

    I changed that so and uploaded a new  build (9.23.4) :


  • I have seen most of the issues coming with slow processing of messages in production by Biztalk where

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  • プロフェッショナル BizTalk Server 2006 を立ち読み (

  • MsgBoxViewer(MBV) というフリーのツールを最近発見しました。 上のリンクからダウンロードすることができます

  • 최근 BizTalk Troubleshooting을 진행 하면서 많은 사이트 들에서 가장 쉬운 부분에 대한 관리가 원활하기 진행되지 않으면서 사이트의 서비스 지연, 오류의 증가와 수십

  • Hello, Long time I did not write a post about MBV ! two reasons mainly : I was quite busy in my BizTalk

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