Here are some random notes I took during a presentation to Storage IO Performance this morning:

  • SSDs: Still not a 'solid state' business - - "False expectations" and why they "won't replace hard drives" 
  • A PRAM and NAND Flash Hybrid Architecture for High-Performance Embedded Storage Subsystems - 
  • Resistive RAM Gains Ground - Faith in phase-change memory falters (IEEE Specturm) - 
  • SQL Server Best Practices Article - Predeployment I/O - (great 2007 white paper on SQL storage)
  • Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis for Windows - from 2004, but still very interesting - 
  • Design Tradeoffs for SSD Performance (from Usenix08) - 
  • Resource Monitor shows disk activity per process. In Windows 7, run resmon.exe and go to the "Disk" tab. 
  • XPerf - Windows Performance Toolkit - - Invest the time to understand ETW and XPerf. It will pay off. 
  • Two-minute Introduction to XPerf - 
  • Reducing Disk I/O Performance Sensitivity for Large Numbers of Sequential Streams - 
  • TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch - (also applies to IO perf) 
  • Know your storage path - from the app to the platter - Drivers, device property configuration, hardware configuration