I was glad to see that tje TechNet public site was recently updated to include detailed documentation on Windows Storage Server 2008 and iSCSI Software Target 3.2.

See below the main two top items that were posted, along with the topics covered under each one:

  • Windows Storage Server 2008
    • Windows Storage Server 2008 Getting Started Guide
      • Windows Server 2008 Administration Tools
        • Initial Configuration Tasks
        • Remote Desktop for Administration
        • Share and Storage Management
        • DFS Management
        • Microsoft Services for Network File System
      • Single Instance Storage
        • Enabling or Disabling SIS on a Volume
        • Uninstalling SIS
        • Managing SIS Using SisAdmin.exe
      • Additional Features
      • Appendix A: Configuring IP Addresses and DNS
    • Known Issues and Updates


  • Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
    • Microsoft iSCSI Software Target Getting Started Guide
      • Configuring Windows Firewall for iSCSI Software Target
      • Installing the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
      • Installing the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target Hardware Providers
      • Virtual Disks and Snapshots
      • Cluster Support (Enterprise Edition Only)
    • Interoperability with Third-Party iSCSI Initiators
    • Known Issues and Update

Always nice to have documentation readily available on the web.