Well, the word is out on the Windows Vista February CTP (build 5308). This release is focused on businesses and is also being called the Enterprise CTP. The most important point, in my opinion, is the fact that it is feature complete.

As the previous ones, this CTP is only being released to a restricted audience (Technical Beta Program, MSDN and TechNet only). The next CTP will be the last Beta 2 and will come in the second quarter of the year.

You can check out the details at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/newsroom/winxp/WinVistaFebFS.mspx

You can also read a review at http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/Windows_Vista_February_CTP/4505-3672_16-31738563-2.html

I just checked the MSDN subscriber downloads and it's still not there, but it's probably on its way...

[Updated on 02/24, 6AM PST] It's there now.