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This will be the last post for this blog...

This will be the last post for this blog...

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The last several years have been an interesting journey for me in writing this blog.  It's been a lot of fun, a bit of a pain and an extremely good learning opportunity for me.  I've enjoyed getting the candid feedback from all of you over the years and have used that to help push for changes in the product (which hopefully you've seen with your own eyes).  That said, this will be the last post I have to the blog, effectively ending it in it's current form.  I will soon turn off comments here, which I usually use as a means to provide free support for those in need.  You'll need to use our resources in the TechNet forums moving forward. Why is this change occurring?  I will soon be changing roles here at Microsoft and I will no longer have the time to dedicate to work in this area (my new area is totally different and requires significant ramp).  I've asked my old team members to keep the servicing information coming at the ASKCORE blog.  Please make sure you subscribe to it for the latest and greatest in everything related to getting Windows onto a machine, as well as servicing it.  In closing, it's been my pleasure working with all of you, formally and informally.  Thank you for your passion around Windows and Microsoft products, we truly appreciate it.

UPDATE: Comments are now disabled (or should take effect shortly).  I truly appreciate your patronage to the blog and all of the feedback you've given to us.  I've done what I can to incorporate those changes into the product with our engineering teams.  Rest assured your voices were heard over these last several years.


  • Thanks for everything!  You'll be missed, but congratulations on your new opportunity.

  • Thank you for all the posts.. It has always provided great insights on the system and servicing specifically.. See you on askcore !

  • Thanks for everything and good luck in your new role.

  • I want do deeply thank you for your help with SP1.  I will very much miss your deep dives into the servicing stack as it helped me better understand what was going on.

    Good luck in the future again again, thank you for all you've done in the past to help so many people.

  • Thank you!! We'll miss your incredible smarts and gift for explaining things here :)

    Best of luck to you in your new role!!!

  • thanks for your hard work over the last years

  • I think your blog was a big help especially when CBS was new and completely different from update.exe.

  • Hi Joseph,

    I'm sad that one of the most interesting MSFT blogs is closing. It's a real challenge to find out about changes in Windows servicing, because even if they get documented in MSDN/TechNet, nobody notifies you when the docs are up.

    But unlike dry technical documentation, you are fun to read :) You're able to explain complicated concepts clearly, plus your blog has been very valuable source of secret knowledge :) Thank you for blogging and writing white papers on servicing as well!

    Good luck with your new challenge!