New information on error code 0xc0000034

New information on error code 0xc0000034

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We have updated the KB that deals with this error to include a new script to get users out of the 0xc0000034 condition and allows SP1 to install properly. This fix will only work for users who are currently in a 0xc0000034 state after applying Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.  The information in this post applies to Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 ONLY and should not be used on other Windows installations.

The KB is located here:

I want to use this post specifically as a means to track how this is working for users and what issues (if any) you might encounter when running the script. 

Please note, this will NOT WORK for users who have used the registry or pending.xml workarounds noted in the following blog entry and are in a torn state (ie. system will not update to SP1): .

NOTE: It SHOULD work on machines that deleted and recreated the SetupExecute value and are still getting the 0xC0000034 error on boot.


IMPORTANT: The Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 updates available on WSUS have been revised to ensure that these updates are installed exclusively.  We are making this change in response to the issue described in KB975484.  Previously, Service Pack 1 could be installed at the same time as other updates.  While this change does not fully resolve the issue, it will help prevent it from occurring.  Note that users must also reboot their computers after installing Service Pack 1 and before scanning for or installing other updates.

If you're planning on opening an issue with SP1 for this, please try and gather the following information before you call, it will greatly help us in working on the issue:

  • \Windows\system32\config\COMPONENT and SYSTEM (files)

  • \Windows\Logs\CBS\*

  • \Windows\servicing\sessions\sessions.xml

  • \Windows\winsxs\poqexec.log

  • \Windows\winsxs\pending.xml

  • > dir /s /b %windir%\winsxs > %computername%_winsxs.txt

  • \Windows\WindowsUpdate.log


  • Hello, Joseph.

    We already recreated SetupExecute entry and W2K8 R2 booted successfully.

    But SP1 installation has failed and does not allow us to install.

    Is there any way we can resume/restart the installation of Service Pack 1?

    We have "C:\Windows\winsxs\pending.xml.01cbe013a8260ae4"

  • @Hamlet;  Sorry, not at this time.

  • Thank you for your answer, joscon.

    We just restored a backup and applied the Method 1. Then, the SP1 continued with the rest of the steps.

    The problem is that one of our DC has the same problem.

    Could you explain what the script does?

    Do we need to re-install any specific update?

    Maybe uninstall and then install again SP1?

  • joscon, do you work on a Method to fix Windows in a faulty state after the pending.xml workaround?

  • @Hamlet:  The script basically modifies the way the pending operations queue is processed when the machines enters the C34 state

    @ffwiki: I dont have anything new for the pending.xml workaround right now.  I'll let you know if that changes.

  • Hi joscon,

    I've just noticed that the KB mentions modifying the pending.xml file.  Is this what we should be avoiding, or is using your script safe?

  • @Matt;  Our script is safe if you're currently in a C34 state.

  • @Matt: you should avoid deleting the checkpoints in the pending.xml file.

    the script does other stuff, which is official safe.

  • Correct, if you've done the pending.xml hack, this will not help you out of the torn state.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I've not touched it yet so it is completely fresh from the attempted SP1 install.

  • @Matt; then you should be fine running the script.  Let me know the results please.

  • Will do.

  • I applied the fix to a machine yesterday, and it worked fine.

    However, I am about to enable this update in WSUS for approx 20 machines, now. Can we expect a fix to be launced, either an updated SP1 or a hotfix to apply _prior_ to approving SP1? I would like to avoid the need to travel to the customer site Monday morning to fix broken machines...

  • Lars is right! I would like to ask the same question. Unfortunately I'm responsible for about 200 client machines and I'm scared to update these using our WSUS mechanism. Are there plans to create a revised version of SP1 anytime soon?

  • @Lars/Roger:  Right now the script will resolve any new C34 states.  I would recommend restarting the machines installed via WSUS rather than shutdown as that seems to allow most WSUS installations to install based on user feedback.