CheckSUR has been updated for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 installations

CheckSUR has been updated for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 installations

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I know I've mentioned CheckSUR a lot around here and its a really vital tool for troubleshooting servicing problems within the OS.

I'm happy to report that the utility has been updated to work on Service Pack 1 installations for Windows 7 and R2.  I finished testing it on my own installation yesterday and all seems to be working well.

As usual, you can find it here:


  • I have encountered an other malfunction: DEP seems to be not active any more. According to EMET, DEP is running on my system. If I want to activate DEP then I have to login as Administrator. But I have already loged in as Administrator. So, what's going on here Microsoft?

  • So are you saying DEP is actually not active or that its just that the toolkit is reporting that its not active?

  • CheckSUR's getting more and more bloated now. One day it will be the size of SP1 itself.

  • If it fixes issues for people, I am fine with that

  • It says:

    Last Review: October 28, 2010 - Revision: 13.1

    Is that correct ?

  • The changed name of the blog suprised me for a moment... & thn ws happy that i was at the right place and felt Joseph met Ben Armstrong ( The Virtual PC guy) :)

  • LOL, finally someone caught that I changed the name.  And yes, Ben was the insipration for the name.  The guys I work with thought my old blog name was lame.   I'm open to other suggestions <G>

  • @Dean, it will forward you to the 2/22 version of the files.  For example, Win7 x64 is located here:

  • "I'm open to other suggestions"

    How about just

    'Tips and Tricks on Issues Related to Servicing'

    Pretty much says it all.

  • I liked the new name... I think we could do with the addition of Windows to it & make it more apt.... 'The Windows Servicing Guy' :)

  • I like it name updated.  You win...well nothing but my thanks for the suggestion <G>

  • Great.. I just hope that the search engines are able 2 soak the name changes lol.. Oooh what do you kw... There is another blog that does not seem to be active though [Bing results]:


  • Fair enough but why did the XP servicing model did not have to repaired for inconsistencies by huge sized tools?

  • Btw nice blog name. I wasn't sure whether it was there or not earlier when I saw it. :P

  • @someone:  XP did, but it usually required a rebuild because we werent able to fix the corruption once it hit.