The Windows Servicing Guy

Tips and tricks from a former Windows support engineer (now Windows PM) on issues related to servicing

January, 2011

  • How hard links work

    I was asked in a prior comment to give greater detail on how hard linking works in the file system and how it applies to the component store and the way files are serviced.   I’ve enlisted the assistance of my co-worker and uber disk expert Robert...
  • Servicing related questions I have seen this week

    I know I havent written anything in a little bit, sorry about that. I wanted to do a quick run down of some of the servicing related questions I have seen from customers over the last week or so with their answers in the hopes that it might help one of...
  • Is editing Windows component and package manifests supported?

    I've been asked about this twice this week so I wanted to write something quick on the topic. The short answer to this is: No. The somewhat longer answer as to why is the following. Very similar to how Microsoft does not support the editing of a component...
  • We need your feedback

    I wanted to get this out as a link so that we can elicit some feedback from the product group. Many of you dont have a problem being vocal here so now is your chance to put that voice to good use.