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Bitlocker drive prep tool not working on Vista and 2008 SP2 installations

Bitlocker drive prep tool not working on Vista and 2008 SP2 installations

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Just heard about this last night so I wanted to put this out there.

We're aware of an issue with the Bitlocker Drive Prep tool ( on Windows Vista/2008 with SP2 installations.  You'll get an error regarding the "Update does not apply to your system" similar to the issue I blogged about CheckSUR.  We will have a new binary out shortly that will work with SP2, no timeframe as of yet.

As a workaround, you can try to do the following to manually install the update:

expand -f:* "C:\Windows6.0-KB933246-x86.msu" %TEMP%

start /w pkgmgr.exe /ip /m:%TEMP%\

C:\Program Files\BitLocker\BdeHdCfg.exe will be the tool that you want to run post installation of the package.  The GUI version of the tool will still fail to work properly.  Use of this tool is discussed more in the following article:

What this will do is expand the files that make up the standalone installer into your temp directory and then allow you to manually install them with PKGMGR to the system.  I'll discuss in a later blog as to when is a good time to do this and when its not appropriate, but for this update, it should work properly.

UPDATE:  We're aware that this is effecting the other Bitlocker tools as well.  Thank you for your comments.  The updates are being worked on and will be out rather soon.  I'll let everyone know when they hit so you can grab the new bits.

  • This is a problem for the legacy WinHelp package too. The Vista/Windows 7 servicing stack leaves a lot to be desired.

  • And for Bitlocker Repair Tool (KB928201) and BitLocker Active Directory Recovery Password Viewer (KB928202).

  • Which package number are you referring to (917607 I am assuming)?  I will test it and make the team aware of it.

  • Thanks....I have mail out already for the other two Bitlocker tools as well.  I would think since the team knows about the issue with the prep tool that they are aware of the others as well.  I'll let you know once I know more.

  • I updated the blog now, the team is aware of and working on 928201 and 928202.

  • any updates on the the other 2 tools, such as BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer??


  • They are still working on the fixes right now.  I know they are due to be out "soon" but I still dont have a specific date.  As soon as they are out I will make sure I update the post so everyone knows.

  • hello,

    are there any news about that problem?

  • I am confused, Is it the msu that is not working or the tool itself? Because I am having issues with the tool.

  • @Mike

    Its the installation of the fix post SP2 install.  You can manually install it using the steps above and then you need to use the command line too BDEHDCFG to configure the disks.

    I have mail out again today as to when we can expect the update to be re-released.  I know that it's supposed to be soon but it seems like it's taking a little longer than the word soon justifies :)

  • Has this been resolved?? I am unable to get the BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer working on 2008 SP2 and Vista SP2.

  • You should still be able to work around the issue using the steps above DC.  I'm still waiting on the product group to give us a firm date on the fix.

  • is there an ETA on resolution?

  • manual workaround does not work on Vista x64 SP2

  • This is fixed in the latest builds, I posted a blog on that last month.