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    Jeffa is excited: Halo 3 Believe - absolutely stunning : Awesome photos on "daily dose of imagery": Check out the updated videos at: MIT students play...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 1.0 released

    Earlier today Scottgu posted Silverlight 1.0 has been released. I'm pretty excited about this especially about the cross-platform capability with "Moonlight", so silverlight now works on linux. Hosting providers can easily host this now, with no change to their hosting environment - check out the Halo...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 HD action videos

    I can't get enough of the Halo 3 action at the moment, even though I don't even own an Xbox. Check out these live action videos that Mattbat (Top Microsoft TAM) sent through me earlier in the week. Now that Halo 3 has gone gold there is a lot happening leading up to the launch in September. These are...